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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002

·1 · oh bOy ·

Subject:hOller front !!
Time:4:50 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
guess whos bizzaCk? ME !! im so glad ta be home. eben thou i think me + my daddie got closer its always good ta come bacc home ya heard !

yeh well tonite im sleepin ova rOses ;] zZz and tomorrow were goin to lee`s + chillin in the harbor. tonite im hOpin we`ll get the ice cream man and sit out on the deck like last time (LOL) and rent movies. i wanna rent jawbreaker + rose wants to rent sum scary stuff so. ya noe.

omg mikes daddie!! im sososo sorry baBie <3 i hope he feels betta. ewh for summa reading im in hOners english so i gotta read 2 gay asz books. im guna read summin by Mary Higgins Clark shes like way extensiaL ;]

im reallie not feeLing this layout so ima ask beCki and ppls ta help ;] i hope they dun mind. well im out i gotta gO get clean holler 1ove

Friday, July 12th, 2002

·1 · oh bOy ·

Subject:* HAPPY BDAY TO ME *
Time:11:19 pm.
Mood: giddy.
its my birthday today !!! and i get to sleepover at my hOuse tonite cus im wit my dad !!! everyone called me + emailed me + stuff i felt so LOVED! mike didnt call me lol but i think hes in PR.. well neway juss showin sum luhbb i miss bein online SOOO MUCHHHHH!!! happy bday to me ;x

Sunday, July 7th, 2002

·1 · oh bOy ·

Time:9:51 pm.
Mood: busy.
well tomorrow ima leave uz for 2 WEEKS !! ima miss everyone soo much ! i prolly wont be updatin cus my dad dont got a computer but ill see if i can go use my uncles or walk to the library and go on aim + stuff. in the meantime i still wanna get a new phone so we`ll see how it works out so i can call ppl such as mike or rose or leii or john ! arghh ! then i cant see mike wen i come bacc cus hes comin bacc august 1st. gRr. but ima see if i can come home on my bday > JULY 12 < whoop whoop ! well neway i gotta go pack now ;[ holla i <3 mike 1ove

· oh bOy ·

Subject:* whOaa *
Time:12:58 pm.
Mood: bored.
omg this weekened has been nuttin but hOttness ! friday nite i went to the salon then picked up lee + we went to the movies + saw REALLY hott guys they was all lookin our way makin eye contact .. but the best part was they were wit a CHIQ ! ahh it was great. yeh so then we saw MIB2 it was madd funny. then we got home had snacks and went online and then rachael emailed me bacc wit all her shiet but it was eric emailin me actually .. so then i emailed them bacc + got up in their face and it REALLY pissed me off. so then we was talkin to jessika + bryan and we sent them the emails. bryans friend wit eric so lee was like do u think hed hit steph he goes idunno but hes like that blah blah blah please i will hit his punk ass bacc if he hits me damn .. well neway ;] then we called bryan like at 11 and i fell off my bed laughing hes so funny !! then we got blankies and made a reallly big bed thing downstairs in my living room and watched like 2 episodes of undressed, had a snack + fell asleep like at 2. then the next day we were online all morning then my moms made us pancakes then we took showers got all pretty and walked the long way past rose`s old house to the 711 we got 2 magazines gum and ice cream. then we went to the pizzeria and bought sodas + chilled in there flirting wit the waiter guy he had a thick italian accent ;] lol so then we got bored + walked home then we chilled for a long time and then my mom and i got in a big fight and she was really pissed then we ate dinner and then went to church. OMG. it was so much fun. we met these hott kids but lee got his # .. the kid reminded me too much of Chris. well neway then i came home & took lee home then wen i got back home mike john jenna + sean were at roses grandmas house and john called me and he sounds fiiine ! then me and mike got to talkin + he asked me out. i was like awh. and hes really hott so i said yes. whoop whoop! well then i was up til 3 talkin to all them then i woke up today at 1130, ate, and now im online blabbering too much. well im out. 1ove

Friday, July 5th, 2002

· oh bOy ·

Subject:my knee .. ish killing me
Time:3:08 pm.
Mood: sore.
ahh pain. mmkae well wednesday i didnt go ta da mall bcus of a long story but i went ta rose`s new house + slept ova i HAD MADD FUN nd i havent laughed so hard since foreva. me nd lee got in a fight befo dat ;[ so my daddie picked me up like 10:30 yesterday on da 4th of july . we went to edison whea he lives + we (me him my sis.. my sis is 10) went to pathmark cus he told us we was guna grill so i was like yey! madd heads came ta da house it was me him my sis my babci (grandma in polish) my uncle bob my uncle fred + his wife my aunt ginny and den my cousin greg his lil spanish chica sylvia (lol) and their daughter marissa. (greg is 33, sylvia 29 + marissa almost 1<-- sum backup info) well neway i ate a lot lol im such a fatass. so then everyone was leavin at like 730 so my dad took me + my sis home and wen i got home my otha grandma was ova. so we watched fireworks da ghetto way on tv lol and jus chilled. dis mornin i woke up + nobody was home i was scurred lol. my sis went to camp + my mom took my grandma home so wen my moms came home she made me french toast + me nd lee is goin ta da movies tonite wit my moms + my sis. we all wanted to see MIB 2 so we figured we go togetha or summin. i also gotta go ta da salon at 615. OMG jes + liz = PR tomorrow! have fun u2! but neway im blabberin on ill ttyl 1ove

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2002

· oh bOy ·

Time:12:16 pm.
Mood: satisfied.
yo of course, my friends backed out AGAiN. for the 3rd time this week. wuteva sometimes i fcukin hate them. i cant wait til nxt yr .. new ppl .. new friends ! but i called my mOms & she said she`ll do both ways to the mall tonite after physical therapy wit me rose & lee. idk bout lee thou.. she mite not be bacc in time. but neway shes got a lotta beef .. im really sorry bout alla that lee <33 .. well im out 1ove

· oh bOy ·

Subject:dreaming of vin diesel .. ahhh !
Time:10:24 am.
Mood: indifferent.
hahahah im in a chat wit lee rose chris + dan .. i cant wait we all goin to dE mall today .. ! well im out 1ove

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002

· oh bOy ·

Subject:what a day .. !
Time:10:05 pm.
Mood: ditzy.
this mornin, lizz sent me codes + i used them + by accident it deleted all my codes. omg i was so angry lol. then i tried makin plans all day long wit lee + rose. chris` dumbass was at baseball camp so he wouldnt be home til 3 and wen he did come home, he didnt wanna chill. then lee`s daddie couldnt take us to dE mall + omfg .. lemmi tell u me and rose was like cryin! i dont think i eva been so pissed off .. but ish all gOod :x we chillin tomorrow wit madd heads ( me lee rose chris dan ) yey! i cant wait .. and this time we planned ahead ! whoop whoop. lol well neway, props to Kletian PPP for doin my journal yet again.

mmkae well me and lee were on dE phone total time today = like 2hrs. iTS A RECORD ! lol. shes great we laughed soo hard. lol lee `she aint dirty shes FiLTHY!" lmao and reminiscin bout her party `can i have something to drink` lol and my party `OMG DELORENZO HELP ME!` lmfao !! then i put on a ludacris skit + she was dyin it was random white people .. lmao. well neways i gg im out i gotta fix my comments + oh jes i <33 the new layOut ! 1ove

Monday, July 1st, 2002

·3 · oh bOy ·

Time:7:19 pm.
Mood: thankful.
yo, thank u so much Becki & Kletian PPP fo doin ma journal .. madd props it looks hott! ima do lizz`s colors + she gon make my writing look squishy :x well newayz idk wha im doin tonite i jus got bacc from physical therapy so i gotta call around to ma gaLs .. so leave comments cus soon ima be friends only ! 1ove

· oh bOy ·

Subject:brand spankin new
Time:1:19 pm.
Mood: anxious.
yo if neone wants to help me wit my journal, [ is lookin kinda crappy ] please holla, i could use dE help + ill make it a point to shout out to ya .

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