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what a day .. !

this mornin, lizz sent me codes + i used them + by accident it deleted all my codes. omg i was so angry lol. then i tried makin plans all day long wit lee + rose. chris` dumbass was at baseball camp so he wouldnt be home til 3 and wen he did come home, he didnt wanna chill. then lee`s daddie couldnt take us to dE mall + omfg .. lemmi tell u me and rose was like cryin! i dont think i eva been so pissed off .. but ish all gOod :x we chillin tomorrow wit madd heads ( me lee rose chris dan ) yey! i cant wait .. and this time we planned ahead ! whoop whoop. lol well neway, props to Kletian PPP for doin my journal yet again.

mmkae well me and lee were on dE phone total time today = like 2hrs. iTS A RECORD ! lol. shes great we laughed soo hard. lol lee `she aint dirty shes FiLTHY!" lmao and reminiscin bout her party `can i have something to drink` lol and my party `OMG DELORENZO HELP ME!` lmfao !! then i put on a ludacris skit + she was dyin it was random white people .. lmao. well neways i gg im out i gotta fix my comments + oh jes i <33 the new layOut ! 1ove
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