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my knee .. ish killing me

ahh pain. mmkae well wednesday i didnt go ta da mall bcus of a long story but i went ta rose`s new house + slept ova i HAD MADD FUN nd i havent laughed so hard since foreva. me nd lee got in a fight befo dat ;[ so my daddie picked me up like 10:30 yesterday on da 4th of july . we went to edison whea he lives + we (me him my sis.. my sis is 10) went to pathmark cus he told us we was guna grill so i was like yey! madd heads came ta da house it was me him my sis my babci (grandma in polish) my uncle bob my uncle fred + his wife my aunt ginny and den my cousin greg his lil spanish chica sylvia (lol) and their daughter marissa. (greg is 33, sylvia 29 + marissa almost 1<-- sum backup info) well neway i ate a lot lol im such a fatass. so then everyone was leavin at like 730 so my dad took me + my sis home and wen i got home my otha grandma was ova. so we watched fireworks da ghetto way on tv lol and jus chilled. dis mornin i woke up + nobody was home i was scurred lol. my sis went to camp + my mom took my grandma home so wen my moms came home she made me french toast + me nd lee is goin ta da movies tonite wit my moms + my sis. we all wanted to see MIB 2 so we figured we go togetha or summin. i also gotta go ta da salon at 615. OMG jes + liz = PR tomorrow! have fun u2! but neway im blabberin on ill ttyl 1ove
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