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hOller front !!

guess whos bizzaCk? ME !! im so glad ta be home. eben thou i think me + my daddie got closer its always good ta come bacc home ya heard !

yeh well tonite im sleepin ova rOses ;] zZz and tomorrow were goin to lee`s + chillin in the harbor. tonite im hOpin we`ll get the ice cream man and sit out on the deck like last time (LOL) and rent movies. i wanna rent jawbreaker + rose wants to rent sum scary stuff so. ya noe.

omg mikes daddie!! im sososo sorry baBie <3 i hope he feels betta. ewh for summa reading im in hOners english so i gotta read 2 gay asz books. im guna read summin by Mary Higgins Clark shes like way extensiaL ;]

im reallie not feeLing this layout so ima ask beCki and ppls ta help ;] i hope they dun mind. well im out i gotta gO get clean holler 1ove
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