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iinfamous's Journal

steph d3e
12 July
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people often mentioned in my journal
leanna; "lee" best friend for almos 2 years .. shes funny + has a great personality .. shes a lil harbor rat but we madd tite & nothin could break us.
rose; "duck" ive known her since i was 9 but we didnt become close til i was 11. shes the funniest person in the world & i love her to death!
christian; "chris" was my boyfriend for a year and 3months .. but besides that hes like my brother. ive known him for almos 6 years and he`ll always stay tru.
brittany; "britt/brit" known her for 5 years. we was in a fight ALL last year, but ive grown to love her. we have so many inside jokes + with her im never bored.
angela; "ang" britt and her have A LOT of beef (long story) we only became friends because of britt. shes a trip + always has somethin to say. despite that, i love her.
becki; "bahk/bark" becki is good friends with britt. shes great. she made this backround for me. id say we werent that close, but if we hadda spend a day together itd be fun. love ya!
jennifer; "jenn/jen" shes my cousin. we got a lotta beef rite now but i should put her in neway. shes going out wit my friend (actually she broke up wit him, + theyll be bacc so its all good)whos named ..
dan; ahh i love dan! hes crazy we always have a great time together!
matt; my love :x well actually i really like him & were friends but he needs some sense knocked into him. he always makes me laugh somehow.
john; john gives me a headache sometimes. hes soo ghettO; so we get along well. hes best friends wit rose.

if i forgot neone, my bad

if you need me for any reason, my AOL sn is MiSz StEpHy DeE and my AIM sn is x beautiiful . :x peace out